The UFC is the fastest growing sports organisation in the world. UFC started in 1993 as a organisation with the profession mixed martial arts sport as business. The UFC is the most popular fighting business and world’s leading MMA promotor. If there is a fight under the name of the UFC, it is getting a lot of attention in the fighting world. The event itself (depends on the card) is usually sold out in a short amount of time (UFC, 2017).

The organisation itself follows a history and tradition what is coming from the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Vale Tudo, a huge name in Brazil 80 years ago, showed interest in a Brazilian form of Mixed Martial Arts. Now, the UFC still follows the tradition of the Olympic Games and evolved into an organization where athletes are specialized in various fighting sports, for example boxing, karate, grappling and wrestling (UFC, 2017).

The head quarters of the UFC is owned by Dana White in Las Vegas. Furthermore, the UFC has different offices in London, Toronto and Singapore. There are worldwide more than 40 events of the UFC, broadcasted in over 129 countries in different languages. People can see the events live on Pay-per view or on FOX sports (UFC, 2017).

For further information, check the website of the UFC: http://www.ufc.com/discover/ufc