Bellator is a Mixed Martial Arts organisation with an availability to more than 500 homes, divided over 140 countries. Bellator can be seen on the television leader Spike. All the events of Bellator are live in Spike, who is the online since January 2013 (Bellator, 2017).

Bellator MMA is specialised in television production, orchestration of a live event, development of fighters and sporters in mixed martial arts, sponsoring, marketing and advertising (Bellator, 2017).

The headquarter is based in California. The owner off Bellator is Viacom, a huge entertainment giant who connect audiences through compelling across social media and television platforms (Bellator, 2017).

The fighters in the Bellator organization fights all 5 rounds of 3 minutes if it is a non-world championship fight. If it is a world championship fight for the title, the fight is 3 rounds of 5 minutes (Bellator, 2017).

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