MMA? Illegal in Ireland?

In this blog there is a briefly explanation about what is Mixed martial arts and why is it so populair in Ireland.

Mixed martial arts is a sport which involve a lot of different fighting sports in the whole world. Examples are kickboxing, boxing, judo, taekwondo and karate. All these Olympic sports together is called Mixed martial arts.

The most famous MMA fighter in Ireland lives in Dublin, Ireland. His name is Conor Mc Gregor. Conor Mc Gregor is now the light heavyweight title holder in the UFC after a incredible fight by winning the fight against Eddie Alvarez in UFC 194, 2015. He is one of the key players in Ireland if you think about mixed martial arts.

But in Ireland it is illegal to compete mixed martial arts in a professional way. But why? People think it is aggressive and very disrespectful. In a fight many people see two fighters punching each other to the head of the opponent. Even there is a lot of blood on the floor. But on the other hand, all techniques that were used in a fight coming from a Olympic Sport. All kinds of punches and kick techniques are controlled with the whole body.

The council now is talking with the head of the UFC where Conor Mc Gregor fights for. His name is Dana White. If this is going well and the council in Ireland agree with his proposal, the MMA sport in Ireland is going to be legal.


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